Cedar Fall High School
Cedar Falls High School
Class of 1960
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Tiger mascot   Tiger mascot

Missing Classmates
Updated February 3, 2017 — Steve Hill found Rick Olsson and Georgia Nelson Etienne!
But we lost track of Shirley Garrison, Doris Iserman Cook, and Jerry Mayes

Kathy Beck Darlene Berg
Joan Brones Karen Brush
Sam Burns Carla Dawson North
Shirley Garrison Doris Iserman
Carolyn Johnson Patricia Lindsley
Kathy Linn Jerry Mayes
Ronald Nelson Nancy Pate
Mary Kay Pedersen Lynn Pierce
Stephen Price Mike Quinn
Loren Richards Bonnie Roth Volker
David Solyst Sheryl Sorenson
John Steele Bob Strickland, Jr.
Lesley Thune

If you know the whereabouts of any of these classmates,
or even have a clue, please send email to: Sam Coleman.