Cedar Fall High School
Cedar Falls High School
Class of 1960
Cedar Falls, Iowa
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Cedar Falls Coffee Cake Get-Togethers









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April, 2021 (Lookout Park)

We resumed our monthly Coffees in April. It was approximately 43 degrees in Cedar Falls. I doubted anyone would brave that temperature, especially being outdoors, but is was sunny! By shortly after 10:00am, we had 12 people at Lookout Park.

We enjoyed each other's company for two hours. It was the consensus of all around the picnic table that we should proceed with our reunion this June (vs delaying another year).


Jerry Riker, Jackie Gaden, Judy Bigelow Hill, Pam Johnson Hinrichs, Mary Cole DeBoom

Jerry Riker & Dean Diamond

Steve Hill (center) & Judy Garth Estabrook

Butch Brown & Roy Justis

Jerry Riker, granddaughter, Mrs. Riker, Rita Copeland Justis, Judy Bigelow Hill

Butch Brown, (and same as above)

Roy Justis, Lee Hinrichs, Judy Garth Estabrook

Pam Johnson Hirichs, Mary Cole DeBoom

Jim DeBoom, Roy Justis, Lee Hinrichs, Judy Garth Estabrook